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Boat searching

CE-BOATS will be working alongside with you to search the internet for trade, private sales and contacting our USA Dealers and brokers network to find Boats meeting your specified criteria. Having found the craft we help with the pre-purchase inspection, survey, seat trial and engine/drive checks as well as verifying title ownership and US registration. We will then ensure that all paperwork is ready for shipping and will provide you all originals via courier service.

Boatyard service

In certain case the boat you just bought needs some cosmetic work such as Polish and wax, rust treatment and stainless steel polish, varnish work, paint job etc...It could be also that you decide to change or replace some main elements (engines, generator, steering system) or to change the upholstery HIFI system etc... Ce -Boats will manage the boatyard period for you to make sure that work order is done as agreed upon estimated prices and time frame. We will represent you and you will enjoy a smooth and clear result because we have an extensive experience in boat refits from 20’ to 100’.

CE certification service

In order to import a boat inside a European country or island you will need the craft to be CE Certified. CE-BOATS will organize a visit by a CE inspector and get all legal documents from a notified body in Europe.
CE-BOATS will then provide you a complete CE certification package that will include a CE Certificate of conformity from notified body, a Declaration of conformity, an inspection report, a CE plate, the CIN plate and owners manual in two languages. All documents will be sent to you via courier service.

Boat shipping service

Because we are in the boat business for many years, shipping companies are giving us professional rates that you will not be able to get as a “private importer”. This is why CE-BOATS will provide you with very competitive prices from our best shipping agents. We will also provide a shipping agent at your location to follow and organize the reception of your boat. All our network of professionals will work hard to guaranty you a smooth and enjoyable experience with us.